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We offer multiple ways to order from us.

Please read about and select from the options. Depending on your company or organization's requirements we have a service to match your needs.


Browse & Order

Our General Store, this website, is ready to take orders 24/7/365. That's twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year, in case those numbers did not mean anything to you!

All shopper needs to do is verify their email address by creating an account on the General Store and they can choose from thousands of scrubs, lab coats, chef apparel, work shirts, button downs, khaki pants, aprons, coveralls, jackets and more.


Company Profile with Logo


Customers will be setup with a login to our General Store and with every product you will see your company logo and embroidery options. You can ask to setup one login or dozens if needed. Any of the thousands of products in your General Store can then be ordered at any time, and the customer will be able to select their logo and/or add lines of text for embroidery.

Restaurants can order any chef coats they choose. Hotels can order any shirts they want. Banks, car dealerships, medical clinics, landscapers, schools and hospitals can all provide employees with a way to purchase apparel with a logo on it.


Dedicated Employee Apparel Program

We will provide a custom website exclusively configured to match the buying needs of your customer. You will be able to purchase the exact items they prefer, or require, their employees to wear. This option is most like a true uniform program with specifications.

The products, styles, colors and embroidery options are all presented according to the preferred job functions, locations and/or franchise rules of your customer. The website - Example Demo Publicly Visible - can be configured so each employee sees only what they are allowed to purchase for their particular job. The payment and shipping options can be adjusted to match your customers’ needs as well.